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Presentation Outline
Discuss your school group, club, or activity.

Why did you choose this group? I chose group of Spanish Club, because I like foreign languages and cultures and because I already had an idea how to create a logo for it.
Who are they? What do they do? The Spanish Club is an after-school group posing here in school. It studies culture, habits and cuisine of spanish-speaking countries.
What kind of image did you want to create for them? I wanted to created a logo showing what they study.
How did you plan to create this image for them? I planned to create a logo for them in few steps outlined by Mr. Taskey. The steps were: choose the types of font, design double T - logo of Taylor High School, design graphic what could be used for Spanish Club and create the final logo.

Discuss each of the 3 early design steps. While you discuss each step, display the illustrator file through the overhead projector.

For each step, cover the following information

Where did you get your ideas? I had almost no certain ideas of types I wanted to use. I wanted something looking mexican. I was trying a lot of types and then I decided.
Which ideas seemed successful? I thought it could be successful to use font showing something from spanish-speaking countries culture.
How did you make your design decisions? I tried many types. I found one looking as I wanted. It was fire type. The Mexican culture is famous by its spicy food so the fire type seemed good.
What challenges did you have? My challenges was only with colors and matching with others elements.

Where did you get your ideas?
Which ideas seemed successful?

Discuss your final Logo

Which pieces from the first three steps did you try together?
What sort of changes did you have to make to the three elements so they fit together as one logo?
Is your final logo interesting and easily recognizable? Why?
Is your final logo flexible? Why?
What kind of image does this create for the group? How?

Analyze your Logo according to the elements of art and principles of design
The goal is to show how elements & principles worktogether to create your design
Elements of art (Choose 2)

Principles of design (Choose 2)

Length: minimum 5 minutes